Are Pinterest Conversion Campaigns Effective?

I sell a niche home goods product for $129.00 on a shopify site. I have run traffic ads in the past on Pinterest for low budgets (~$7/day for 10 days). These ads have generated some traffic to my site, but no directly attributable sales. Granted – low budget, new to the game, short time frame and a traffic campaign type = low sales expectations.

I decided to give Pinterest another shot but switched to a conversion (add to cart) campaign with a more serious (for me) budget and timeline. The guidance I received when setting up this campaign was to go for $100/day, which would be split 80/20 between keywords and interests (80) and retargeting (20).

I'm only a couple days in and while there have been several thousand impressions across each of my ads, there have been less than 100 clicks to my website. There has been only 1 add to cart. My ad creative and copy is solid so I don't think that's the issue. As a comparison, the traffic campaign I did for a fraction of the cost drove multiples more actual traffic to the site. I realize conversion is optimizing for different things and showing to fewer users who are supposedly more qualified to buy.

I'm nervous. Has anyone had positive results on a pinterest conversion campaign selling a product in my price range? Or any price range for that matter? Getting cold feet and considering pulling out before the "learning" is done. IMO I should see more than 1 add to cart by now…

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