How we use Instagram to promote our store

Hi guys, recently a lot of you guys were interested in a program I use to get organic instagram followers. Instagram can be a lucrative source for dropshippers to promote their products. Using Instagram Influencers has been a trend since the last couple of years and this has proven to be a success for dropshippers.

But for those of you like me looking to cut cost of marketing your products using fb ads and instagram influencers, this post is for you.

So I developed a script that grows my Instagram account on autopilot and therefore making it possible to promote my products on my own account and a lot of you guys were interested in the script, So we decided to make a desktop App and a browser extension so that it can be easy for you guys to use it. The desktop App is available and you can get it here .

We listed it on gumroad for almost free, you can pay any amount you wish to support us to keep developing amazing staff. Thank you for reading this.

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