Quantity Limits for Orders – Bad Idea or not?

We are setting up a boutique clothing brand with specially designed tops and bottoms. We will start with around 10 SKU's, so not that much but our mid to long term goal is to have around 50-75 active SKU's. At the beginning, our inventory is around 200 items per SKU's. We are thinking to set a quantity limit, meaning that customer only can buy 1 style per SKU per order (of course they can buy multiple SKU's but not more than 1 per SKU per order). Why do we think to implement this?

a) Avoid customers buying multiple sizes per SKU and then returns the others (common issue with online clothing stores). As a note, we have a very detailed size guide so if customers actually take 2-3min they can get their sizing correct.

b) Our limited inventory at the beginning

c) Create some feeling of exclusivity

On the other side, we want to make things as simple as possible on all levels. Also, this kind of quantity limits may could confuse customers and impact the shopping experience.

We would love to hear your ideas and advice. Thanks!

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