Could you help me critique my (luxury prints) website?

I have this website, I'm looking to drive more organic searches to it.

The website is meant to showcase and sell art prints inspired by watches, and it's targetted to watch collectors.

I'm makig a blog and will try to post on it more often.

Being luxury products they are relatively expensive, but I have a couple of affordable alternatives. Surprisingly the ones in the middle of the price range are the best sellers.

Anything you see I could improve? I have relatively limited budget now due to losing my main job because of the pandemic, but if there's any suggestion it's appreciated.

One of the things I would like to focus on is showing that this prints aren't your standard printful/printify quality. These are true gallery-quality prints, and at a good price too. Do you think the page does a good job of telling the customer that?

The website is and instagram is my main social media channel.

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