Making 100k a month, warehousing at my house, how do I scale?

Im currently making about 100k a month and im still doing all my own bookkeeping via excel, packing and shipping all my orders.

How do I scale and get myself out of the tedious jobs so I can focus on being the CEO? I dont know if I can trust anyone else with my bookkeeping because I feel like they will make mistakes with my fees/not input certain orders and that will result in tax consequences down the year.

I am very interested in hiring a good VA, but is it possible to have them bookkeep without having access to my Shopify/Etsy/Ebay accounts?

I work about 4 hours a day and its getting pretty tiring packing all the orders myself, what is the next step I should take? I plan on doing everything inhouse with an office. Do I hire a single person to do the book keeping/packing/shipping? Or does this require 3 different employees for each task?

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