Help regarding a Wishlist implementation

Hi all,

Not sure this is the right forum for this, but figured I could ask given that the main topic here is ecommerce.

So we are looking into implementing a Wishlist into a Shopify store. The problem I'm facing is that all of our products are unique. We basically sell luxury items which are pre owned, each with its own SKU, and not two items are the same.

My question is then how do we manage the Wishlist in this case?

If you like an item that was sold already, that item is never coming back.

I guess we could a couple of these:

  • Disabling liking sold out products (which shouldnt be shown to begin with)
  • Notify user when an item they had liked or added to their wishlist was sold
  • Suggest similar items. <— This was would be great, but i dont think it would be easy at all to do with Shopify.

Any other ideas?


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