Business Number and Address (Beginner Dropshipper)

Working on my first store with a tight budget of $500-$700, so I don't want to spend any money unless I 100% have to

I've found many stores selling numbers and address's I can use as my business address. More specifically YouMail for a number ($15 a month) and MyCanadianAddress ($20, one-time fee) for an address (if there are cheaper/better alternatives, please let me know)

Are these necessary expenses? Right now, in my Shopify account, I have my personal number with personal address, I'm sure I shouldn't use this?

How often will customers be seeing my number/address? I've had people recommend I use my personal address and just limit how much my customers can see, HOW much can I limit though?

I'm also assuming if I pay, I can reuse this number and address if this store fails?

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