Question about the best solution to sell adult themed videos on my own website? I am the sole developer & am not using WordPress/Wix/Squarespace etc. Ideally some sort of service I can use.


I hope this question hasn't been asked a bunch of times. I have a relatively simple website I coded myself. I use it to post my photography and videos but am planning on monetizing some of them soon. It is 'adult themed' work which is relevant because some services for selling videos most likely don't allow that sort of thing (like Vimeo for example). I know there are many options that involve putting my content on an external site (like ManyVids or Pornhub) but I am really trying to avoid that if possible.

It would need to be something that allows me to preview the videos on my regular 'videos' page and then have options for people to rent or purchase the video. I also don't have a lot of money and cannot spend hundreds of dollars a month. If the pricing was based more on taking a cut of your revenue that would be more doable for me.

If you have any ideas it would be a lot of help.


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