Shipment from Alibaba seller has supposedly been “stuck in customs” for over 3 weeks. Am I being scammed?

I don't usually order much off of Alibaba, so sorry if this is a basic question.

Goods were purchased DDP in early January through Trade Assurance with estimated delivery in late February. I expected the shipping to take a little longer due to COVID etc, and according to the seller it arrived in Los Angeles on March 19th.

Thing is, it apparently hasn't moved since then. I've repeatedly asked the seller what's going on, and they say that it's stuck in customs due to long processing times (no problems with import fees either, supposedly). However, I've been working with a shipping broker for another order and was told that once thr goods are unloaded customs should be cleared quickly.

What's going on? Am I getting scammed, or is there probably a legitimate reason?

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