Shopify & Store Credits – Worth the Hassle?

Let's discuss Shopify + Store Credits. It's kind of ridiculous that until today, Shopify cannot provide a real store credits solution. There are 3 types of options currently, each with its flaws and drawbacks:

1. Coupon Codes

  • Can be used only once and not possible to maintain balance. You give customer a store credit of 100, customers buys a product of 60 and the remaining 40 are lost.
  • If you have a free shipping threshold customer might still pay for shipping extra.
  • Not customer friendly, customer needs to remember/store a code that might also be long and with random numbers.
  • Reporting issues: Product not marked as a return.

2. Gift Cards

  • Is counted as additional revenue if in fact its not.
  • Reporting issues: Order not marked as a return.
  • Accounting issues: Creates a nightmare.

3. Third Party Apps

  • Many of them have flaws and don't work seamlessly. Lot's of bad reviews out there.
  • Some of them are crazy overpriced and a no-go for us.

Honestly, we are thinking to just forget about store credits and only offer refunds to the original payment method. We want to hear what the experts in here say, pro's and con's and any other feedback regarding the topic store credits.

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