Crowdfunding offer in Japan? Makuake?

Has anyone here ever been approached to partner with someone in Japan to put up a crowdfunding campaign on Makuake? Is that a thing? Does it work? Or is it a scam?

It's a Japanese crowdfunding site, and they sent over a list of successful campaigns they've run in the past. We've also video chatted once. My biggest concern is about the liability I could be opening myself up to. For example, what if they raise this money, get the funds, and never order the product from me? Would I be responsible for that?

The agreement is to exclusivity during the crowdfunding period, giving them exclusive marketing rights in Japan, which is fine as I have never marketed to Japan. It also says they will run the crowdfunding launching service "for the SUPPLIER," meaning me. But my responsibilities outline payment terms that I am to receive 30% deposit upon order (once the campaign ends) and 70% before shipment.

Feel free to weigh in! I appreciate any insight!

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