Hiring: Why it isn’t as hard as you think

So I’ve been in the e-commerce space for just over 2 years now and it took a long time for me to see even a small bit of success. The main thing keeping me from getting to the next level towards the beginning of my journey was not outsourcing.

If you’re at the beginner stages of your e-commerce career whether it be with Shopify, ebay or something else, outsourcing can speed up your success dramatically.

Back when I was a noob, I was spending a lot of time replying to Emails, Facebook comments, Instagram comments for my shopify store. Although I had very little money, I still think outsourcing would have put me at a great advantage. Let’s say I spent an hour per day responding to these comments. That’s 7 hours per week not learning and not doing anything productive.

Spending 7 hours per week watching ecom related youtube videos, reading insightful reddit posts etc would have put me way ahead of the game. I knew this at the time. I still didn’t do it though.

Once I finally got the balls to hire someone to take over my customer service, that’s when I really picked up momentum. I suddenly had a bunch more time to spend making new ads, learning scaling strategies for my business etc and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy outsourcing actually was. All I did was find a VA who was willing to work 5-20 hours per week, interviewed them and within a day they were working for me.

The point is, you should be outsourcing ASAP. It isn’t as hard as you think. It isn’t scary and it isn’t even that expensive if you value your time.

TL;DR: Outsource ASAP. I put it off for too long and regret ever wasting that much time on mind-numbing tasks. Outsourcing isn’t hard and isn’t scary. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

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