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I am hoping to find a shipping solution for creating shipping settings for a product with multiple sizes and weights.

I am an artist and sell photography prints and canvases. When it comes to the canvases, I sell them in 3 different sizes, and it changes the shipping cost quite a bit. The shipping cost also changes quite a bit if I send it across country. I currently use Wix to create my website, and they do not give me the ability to create variances with customizable shipping dimensions etc so I am left charging more than I need to or eating some shipping cost, depending on where I am shipping to. I have checked into shopify, and similar sites, and have found no one who give me advance shipping rules like I am seeking. Does anyone on here have a program or integration option that has worked for them? Willing to move to wherever, or even create code if I have to. Just kind of lost as I am learn as you go person and don't know all the ins and outs and website design. I choose to do it myself though, so I can learn and also have access to update my page since I am adding new stuff regularly.

Any direction would be great! Thanks in advance.

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