Which payment processor or payment setup for anonymity ?

TL;DR What's the best payment processor or a legal setup for a simple shopify/woocommerce store? My goal is to sell products as much as possible "anonymously" i.e. hide my name, surname, and home address – thank you!

I would like to try myself in e-commerce business. At the moment I am in the process of setting up two e-comm stores, 1 will be based on a shopify platform while another 1 will be developed with the help of woocommerce. I will try two different business models one will be dropshipping and another will be based on inventory business model.

In the first 6 months I want to test the market, explore different marketing strategies and payment options. During the "testing" period want to start selling my products "anonymously" whether through some regular payment processor or some tricks by using paypal/stripe, anything else?).

I'll appreciate comments related to payment processors which will allow me to hide my personal information. I assume stripe nor paypal are eligible to this kind of operations, am I right?

Thanks !

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