College Programs That Pair With Ecommerce Experience?

Hi all,

I’m 24 and currently working on getting my bachelor’s degree in Communications with a focus on PR.

Unfortunately, I picked this major when I was younger as I really had no interest in college, but was pushed into it by parents who never graduated and had a hard time finding employment after losing their jobs around 2008, and are to this day underemployed.

The three of us blindly followed the advice of my high school counselors who pedaled the ol’ “you just need any degree to get your foot in the door,” fallacy. So, I picked this as I heard it was simple and hadn’t pondered/understood the importance of getting a higher education at a younger age. My philosophy now on University is that it should be treated as a “trade school” of sorts, and intend to attack it that way,

I’m currently looking into changing my major and Uni by going back to my old Community College to finish off my Associates (13 more credits and possibly doing over some classes I failed or withdrew from to improve my GPA), or enrolling in a new program and starting almost from scratch.

Currently, I have three years of experience working in Ecommerce full time as an Operations Associate and Analyst.

This experience entails me dealing with product data management, analysis of sales/reading of forecasting data, competitive analysis, and management of D2C shipping for multiple channels (maintaining orders, communicating disruptions, etc) in small business environments where unfortunately I have not had access to in demand tools such as Salesforce, SQL, etc.

I also handle various admin duties as the small companies I’m involved with are always looking for “Jack of all trades” people. So I do a bit of everything and have surface level knowledge on a lot of the facets of running an Ecommerce business on a small – medium scale.

Currently beginning to do research on programs and planning on talking to counselors soon. Thinking about either just finishing up my Associates in Liberal Arts and transferring to another program (unsure what the pipeline would be here), or going into a CIS program at my old CC that claims it focuses on business tech, then transferring to a local reputable state school that has a Business Analytics and Information Technology Bachelor’s program.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for programs I should look into that compliment my current experience and can help me get into the fold with larger organizations/learn more about in demand tools?

Even if you can just comment on where you see the industry going if you work in a larger organization, that would be extremely helpful information for me to research and discuss with a counsellor when that time comes.

Thanks in advance.

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