What legal steps can I take against an online shop that doesn’t answer emails or calls?

So I've placed an order with an online shop for eyewear in Austria. I completed the order, payed instantly, but didn't receive any confirmation nor did I get a receipt. I soon send them an email to please have my order checked – no repsonse. I then tried calling them, but didn't reach anyone. I tried using their chat support, which was mentioned to be an unsafe-connection and chat didn't work also.

I've then read on trustpilot (among a ton of fake reviews) that there were others having the same problems. They get damaged products, noone is answering mails, they re not getting return labels thus are not being able to return the goods etc.

How do I deal with such a seller? What legal steps can I take? I decided to ask my bank to try to book my money back, then I'll refuse delivery and have it send right back to them. What else can I do? Where do I file a charge? the police? with a lawyer?

I'm sure you guys have heard of these colleagues doing their "business". What are the rules and how do I enforce them? Thank you for helping!

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