Anyone else find the cheaper the product/order, the more annoying and demanding the customer?

We sell niche products covering a wide range of prices. (sub $10 to several hundred)

I find we can ship a very expensive order that gets lost, or delayed and arrives damaged, and when the customer calls or emails about it, it is generally understanding it was not our fault, and maintains a pleasant tone.

Compared to the person that buys a single item that is very inexpensive, orders it 11pm on a Friday, and is contacting us at 8am Saturday morning wanting tracking information, or 2 days later complaining the order has not arrived, threatening chargeback, Better Business Bureau involvement, contacting the State's Attorney General, reporting us as a fraudulent business, and leaving negative reviews on every online site they can find.

We have on occasion decided refunding these customers, if the order had not been processed, to avoid the possibility of potential issues down the road. (cause you know it would be inevitable)

Does anyone else experience these cheap (low dollar) "Keyboard Karens"?

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