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Hi! After 8 years running study abroad trips at the univ. where we teach, my husband and I started a tour company in Feb 2020 (excellent timing, right?). Then a month in had to basically stop everything, of course. We are now ramping up again. I've tried various facebook ads and I feel like I'm either not advertising to the right groups of people, or not putting the right info in my ads. (It's also possible, of course, that people just aren't ready to think about travel? Though from chatting with people I don't think this is exclusively the problem.) I'd really like to get more people signed up for our monthly newsletter, that's my goal, since I know that getting someone to jump from clicking on an ad to signing up for a European vacation is a big step. 🙂

Currently we want to promote our trip to Italy in January 2022 (we feel confident that this is far enough off that travel will be safe–of course if it isn't and we had to cancel, people would get fully refunded, which we make clear). In particular, to encourage early sign-up, we are offering $200 off the trip price for people who sign up by April 30. (We may do another X amount off thru a certain date, or some other sale at some point, but that's what we're doing at the moment.)

Here's the website for the specific trip we want to promote: After looking at it, does anyone have advice on FB ads? Either specific demographics or specific things to put in the ad? Or other general ad advice? We are starting small and don't have a ton of money for advertising, so we really want to get a lot of bang for our buck.

Also, this is my first day in this community and I'm excited! Thanks for having me! 🙂


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