What should I do?

Context: I am a business student, with a final project coming up soon (which is basically designing and analysing the opportunity for creating a start up). I have no idea what I want to do yet, however I do know I’d like to take this opportunity to actually give it a shot at starting my own business…

Due to taking on a small part-time role (2 days a week) managing a bar operation, I have found myself with lots of potential benefits:

-I effectively have free access to a space. This includes storage space, all utilities and everything paid for (perfect for running an e-commerce operation from).

-Twice weekly or more there are 100’s of people coming to the door (these could be potential early product testers).

-Lots of food and beverage experience/expertise around me. Also with access to a wholesalers which I can benefit from.

There are also loads of other benefits but those were the main things I could think of. Basically, I know it may seem fairly standard, but I really see it as a chance to start a business with very little overheads and a lot of potential customers.

The problem is I have no idea at what kind of product/service I should offer? I’m open to any ideas so please do help me out.

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