ERP Integration with E-commerce

Hi, I got a job few months back making sites and general IT for a medium-sized family heating and plumbing business. We have a sister company that's a trade counter for heating and plumbing parts. I was set out with the target of setting up this sister business with a fully functional website and e-commerce shop.
The sister business runs their stock on an ERP system called xLine by intact, intact do offer API portal to integrate your e-commerce solution with the ERP. This solution comes at a cost of £100 a month. I've looked at fully out the box integrated solutions but they are built on a shitty web design tool with a price package of £20,000.

My current solution is a website built on WordPress (redrosehs. com) and a half-built woo-commerce platform, I know it's possible to integrate woocommerce with our ERP xline with the API portal and woocommerce rest API but the ERP solution's team said that the portal was made for nopcommerce so i'd have to code in all the end points. I'm a little lost on the best way to proceed and could use any help someone may have to give, thanks.

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