Does Printful not have stores?

Hi! do any of you fine ecommerce folks happen to be familiar with Printful? I'm very confused.

I recently created a topical teeshirt design for myself sense I couldn't find anything similar online. I used Printful because I read on reddit that the quality was good. I'm very happy with the results and I'd like to start selling them.

On printful they have a hole section where you can add products to "your store" and you can pick the mockups. and set prices. but then there is no way to like share the link to the store, or to a product. It seams to be a dead end. everything indicates that you can create a store on their website but then you don't seem to be able to. When I try to google this all I find is information about integrating it with etsy / shopify. nothing about selling on the printful platform its self. yet you can "create a store" (so you can imagine my confusion.)

I've bought a youtuber's merch from teespring before and was able to buy directly from a teespring store. (but I wasn't that happy with the quality.) I just have a hard time fathoming Printful has payment processing capabilities, fulfillment capabilities, factories in different countries, the ability to produce mockups, but then just won't let me share the link to something I designed so someone els can buy it.

Am i missing something?

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