Utilizing Discord for business related networking and discussion?

I've been using discord for planning my tasks, networking, engaging in topics around many different areas of business. Also utilizing voice chat and screen sharing options to create some great conversations with presentation like live streams. It's awesome.

However, It seems like it was impossible to find any business related discords that weren't filled with teenagers looking for easy ways to make money online, gamers, and trolls, or severely inactive.

So, about two years ago I decided to make my own community. It's been doing pretty well. All of our growth thusfar was organic through networking and inviting people we knew and have met through Reddit, forums, people in our social network, etc. However I would love to have more people join so we can foster more discussion. I find it really soothing to use discord while I work because it keeps me grounded and focused on ideas around business rather than checking about sports or watching videos people send me.

Feel free to join:

*To moderators: This post does not break any rules as I'm not promoting myself or any company, product or service.

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