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Hello everyone!

I have spent tons of hours the past week creating my first ecommerce business. I've created successful Etsy and Mercari shops, but never an actual online website/established business. My goal is to start with a small amount of dropshipping sales to ease into it, then actually establish a baby boutique with clothing items, etc. in the future when I have a solid audience and can make some space in my home for product storage. This is my first time doing dropshipping, so I'm a bit nervous but excited to start.

I have a marketing degree and am the only digital media specialist for my actual job, so I would greatly appreciate an objective/unbiased view of my site. Right now I'm doing FB conversion campaign advertising, and may potentially do Instagram influencer marketing when I find the right "Mommy Blogger" to work with. I plan on doing Instagram and Pinterest marketing as well, but want to take things one step at a time and channel by channel.

Right now I have 3 products for sale, but I am not sure if it's too much, or too little. I wanted to stay manageable, but don't know if I should add more.


Please offer any advice regarding the website, products, or ecommerce-related essentials!

Thank you so much.

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