Anyone here actually making a positive return through FB/Instagram ads?

My partner and I launched last June. Since then it's been an uphill battle finding customers.

We put a decent effort into digital ads (namely FB & Instagram), even brought on a marketing studio to handle things, but was getting a CAC of ~$40 with absolutely 0 indication that we'd see a positive return in the future unless we maybe spent tens of thousands of dollars experimenting.

Became a little skeptical about FB ads as a whole so I reached out to a couple VC backed DTC founders to hear their experiences, and coincidentally each of them said something along the lines of unless you've got a few hundred thousand dollars in a marketing budget you realistically have a very, very small chance of hitting an overall CAC through FB ads that's sustainable. A couple of them even said they still don't see a positive return but are in it just for the brand awareness & fits in to their long term exit plans.

I'm not saying FB ads don't work at all, just saying that everything keeps hinting that only a very small minority of brands must actually see a positive return. Maybe the market's too saturated, maybe FB's algorithm is out of wack these days, or most brands are doing it wrong, who knows.


Would love to hear from this subreddit – anyone here making a sustainable return through FB ads and willing to share their experience?

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