Best Tactics To Grow Your Business on Social Media

This is a step-by-step guide focused on every platform. Let's get started-

– Pinterest

  1. First, go to Pinterest and create a mood board to find the vibe or tones that fit your brand.
  2. Choose a color scheme based on that pins.
  3. Upload that pins in Canva and you will get your exact brand colors.
  4. Use that colors in your product graphics and photos.
  5. Why? To maintain an aesthetic feed
  6. Proof: interludecandles on Pinterest has 160k monthly views with 23 pins due to aesthetic feed and pins. So, having a great feed is a must.
  7. Next, save more pins of fellow business owners than you create. Don't think you are promoting them as I made this mistake of having the same mindset. But as I started doing it, my views skyrocketed.
  8. Videos and story pins are just for exposure, they don't have direct call-to-action. So, still in 2021, use more product pins.
  9. When You have an audience of 250+ followers, Use Story Pins to make them follow you on other platforms.

– Instagram

  1. Create an Instagram account and convert it to Business Account from personal.
  2. Don't use canva templates or logos even you have money or not.
  3. Go to Websites like tailor brands for logo design and freepik for getting a template for free.
  4. Integrate Instagram shopping if you have your own website.
  5. Remember: followers don't equal customers and Most customers don't engage with your content.
  6. First, most businesses use the wrong hashtags. imagine, I have a lipgloss business and use #lipglossbusiness. Every business owner will use this tag, but the target audience will never, so to get more orders to use hashtags targeting the audience not only products.
  7. Second, giveaway campaigns can help you a lot but never do them alone. Collaborate with other businesses or influencers ti do these giveaways.
  8. Third, Your Feed last month in survey. Most people said they unfollow businesses due to bad product photos.
  9. Fourth, Instagram reels can help you a lot but creativity matters a lot. As you need to make things relatable + trustable to get orders.
  10. Fifth, don't fall for Instagram growth witches telling you to post 10-20 times per week.

– Twitter

  1. Do 1-3 tweets per day
  2. Always use 2-5 hashtags with #smallbusiness is a must.
  3. Add Gifs or Product photos to every tweet.
  4. Important: Share a sale code to get more people buy. Every single tweet that trends, have this factor in common.

– Tiktok

  1. Use tiktok to grow your business on other platforms.
  2. If using shopify, you have direct benefit of getting more orders due to their partnership.
  3. Be funny and relatable to show the audience how product will change their life.
  4. Use websites like tokboard and jump on trends and use the sounds to go viral.
  5. Make reels targeting big creators to get attention of genz.
  6. Start your own challenge or hashtag.
  7. Gift your products to few influencers.
  8. Use Tiktok Ads, if you have money as they are better than facebook ads.

For more, you can slide into my dms or appoint me as social media manager to help you grow your business!

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