Software recommendation for managing alibaba sourcing & managing middleman steps between vendors & warehouse?


I'm new to managing ecommerce and I'm looking for software to make these parts of the business process as easy from the beginning as possible:

  • placing orders from 5-15 different alibaba vendors. Each order is currently placed via direct messaging
  • sending shipments to a middleman 3rd party packaging alibaba vendor, which receives the original product from vendor, packages it, places stickers, and ships to our next destination (I mean: first vendor -> middleman 2nd vendor -> warehouse). Need to track at what stage is each alibaba order in
  • having a 3rd party temporary warehouse in China to receive packages from alibaba vendors, and consolidate them as a single shipment to reship them to us in Europe at once (so that we save on shipping by having 1 shipment than 10 different shipments). Recommendations please?
  • each package from alibaba vendor can contain ~100 product units, so I need that temporary 3rd party warehouse to be able to unpack them and ship 1-3 random product units from it to a 3rd party QA facility (so e.g. 5 alibaba vendors each send 100 product units, Chinese warehouse receives total 500 units, 3*5=15 units must be shipped to QA facility, 485 units must be shipped to us to Europe)

Currently doing ~10 orders per month, but soon this store will have 200-1000 orders per month, and I need to build it right from the beginning because won't have the patience to rebuild it again later.

I might just need a hint of certain keywords to google to find answers, because I had never run anything like this, so if you could just help even with that, that would be great, thank you.

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