Google Merchant Center Misrepresentation Suspensions – My Findings

Google Shopping Ads Merchant Center Suspensions (My Findings)

Hey, so I’ve been struggling to advertise through Google Shopping with private labeled products which sucks since Google shopping is such a lucrative advertising source, but anyways I’ve studied a lot of stores that have gotten suspended due to “misrepresentation”, and here’s what if I’ve found.

So as most of you probably know, Google uses a crawling bot to crawl your website to check and see if you have all the necessary requirements on it to successfully advertise (contact form, policies).

Anyways, for each of my stores I downloaded a Shopify app that records the behavior of my customers and shows me exactly what they do – (where they click, scroll, etc.)

This allows me to get a glimpse of what the Google bot is really doing.

And here’s what I found.

The bot will go on your website (it will show on the recording app that the location is India) And it basically looks for 3 policies to be present (Refund, Contact Us, TOS).

And here’s where it gets interesting – I’ve set up multiple stores to examine the bots behavior and I’ve had 2 successful stores get approved right off the bat but then I’ve had a lot more get suspended for misrepresentation.

The different between a suspension and an approval, from what I’ve seen, is how the bot interacts with these policy pages.

Moreover, during the times my account was approved right away, the bot clicked on each page one at a time, scrolled down, then clicked the next link, etc.

But when my account was suspended right off the bat, the bot would spam click all of the links at once causing all of the policy pages to be opened at once – so for example while then it was crawling one page and scrolling down it, it wouldn’t even make it halfway before the next page opened, and then the next one, etc.

So I feel like it’s this spamming done by the bot that flags something and then causes your account to be flagged.

And if you look on the recording app if you are using Shopify, this all happens within 5-10 minutes.

Right after the bot leaves your site, you will get an email saying your account has been suspended (if it spam clicks like I was talking about) so this is obviously the final thing Google checks before approving or suspending your account.

I hope this makes sense and I encourage al lot you to download the live visitor recording app (there’s a bunch of them) to see what I mean and see if there’s anything else that you notice.

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