Multiple contacts and email addresses on a single sale?

Kind of a weird situation but bear with me.

My product is a direct-to-consumer all-terrain wheelchair that costs ~$4000 and takes 1-3 months of sales nurturing to sell.

The problem is that this purchase often involves a few different people (spouses, parents, etc.) who may all sign up for info separately.

Often we've been communicating with someone through email #1, but they purchase with email #2… and then maybe buy accessories in a year with email #3.

This poses a challenge when we're trying attribute purchases to lead source and lead create date for cohort analysis. Right now, we're just doing this manually but it's too easy for errors to slip through.

This is a problem that the B2B world deals with, but they have the ease of grouping people automatically based on an email address if it's a company email. We don't have that option.
Has anyone else encountered this same problem— multiple contacts and emails on a single sale?

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