Building an 80,000+ Person Email List in Under 8 Months

Conor Lewis has a really cool story. He is the Founder of, a magnetic pillow fort that he designed, crowdfunded, and brought to market in under a year. What’s really cool about Conor though is that he is entirely self-taught on eCommerce, but still managed to build a huge audience through social channels by tapping into his previous branding, design, and video experience.

In this episode, we dive into how Conor was able to pull off a super-successful $2.8 million Kickstarter campaign, how he built his 80,000 subscriber email list, and what he learned about Facebook groups through this launch. Conor is a great reminder of what you can get done in a short amount of time if you can hustle hard and have the drive to make it happen.

You'll learn:

  • Where Conor got the idea for his very effective Kickstarter video. (4:30)
  • The metrics behind his launch. (8:20)
  • The catalyst that prompted him to launch, and launch quickly. (9:00)
  • How he validated and tested the product. (11:30)
  • How he built the momentum behind his launch. (14:30)
  • Why he used Facebook Groups as part of his early ecosystem. (19:00)
  • Where Facebook ads fit into the launch process. (26:20)
  • The pros and cons Conor has found with using Facebook groups. (29:20)
  • What he would change about using Facebook groups if he could do it over again. (39:40)
  • How he built his SMS list. (46:15)

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Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Crowdfunding is a great way to test out the kinks in your supply chain.” – @conorblewis
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“The most important thing for crowdfunding is that prelaunch email list. It all comes down to that.” – @conorblewis
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“I don’t think the Facebook algorithm is conducive to building a healthy community.” – @conorblewis
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