Do chargebacks from same custom get looped into one?

Just a thought. I operate a store that does custom low volume apparel. People place an order, we authorize the charge and once we have approval on our designs, the charge is captured.

So let's say, I have a customer who purchases a set of apparel on my online shop. Her initial authorization for $100. Then she wants some addon to the package. There is this $20 authorization charge separate to the $100. Then she wants to upgrade shipping. Another $10 authorization charge. So in total $130 in authorizations. She approves our work, it ships and I capture all 3 charges in total for $130.

Let's say the customer disputes all three charges.. Not getting into why or if it's winnable but just the idea of having the chargebacks hit on our account. The bank sees this as 4 chargebacks that could kill my overall chargeback percentage, correct? Or does the bank see the connection that it's all in the same window?

My first through would be to void the additional chargers the second the first one is reported but likely she reports them all at once? Trying to weigh my options, if anything can be done or if multiple authorizations just pose this risk?

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