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Hello! I'm a very new e-commerce business owner (side hustle, I work full time). Started in Oct 2020. Things have ramped up relatively quickly, and with me living by myself, it gets overwhelming balancing everything myself.

I would like to hire an admin assistant who can help with things like social media (creating and scheduling posts, all graphics, website maintenance) so that I can deal with customers personally, and caring for the products (they are live plants, so that takes up lots of time and effort to maintain, and fulfill orders for shipping safely) and of course everything else in the business.

I obviously don't have a huge budget, and I'm working for free. I've never hired anyone for myself. It would probably be for a few hours per week.


Question: How do you suggest I go about finding someone who is reliable? Being bilingual French and English is priority 1 so it can't be any random person from Upwork.


TLDR: HELP! I need tips to hiring a reliable administrative assistant for new e-commerce business!

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