[Android] Simcash- sell your unused sms (passive income)

Simcash is a messaging app that will use your sms to send one-time verification texts or promotional messages. The amount of sms and the earnings-per text will be decided by you. Speaking from personal experience , i chose to sell all of my sms at 0.06 dollars per text and earn up to 30 dollars per Month; moreover, the app itself will delete the messages so there won't be any clutter on your phone. The payment methods are: Paypal, Bitcoin, Ripple or Bank Transfer, minimum amount is 6 Dollars.

Please join via my referral link

non referral link [ ]

Here's payment proof

If you want to thank me use code 4Z3UN

Little tip: make sure that your provider allows unlimited texts, otherwise stick to your own limit, btw you can use multiple phones and sims on one account. Happy earning!

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