Charging & Tracking complex taxes on vapor products

Hello, I am looking for a app/program/work around to be able to charge and track complex excise taxes on vapor products.

We are in the early stages of building an eCommerce website and want to choose a platform that can do this. I like BigCommerce a lot, but recently learned their system can only really place a percentage based sales tax on items.

Our taxes for vapor liquid is much more complex then that.

For example, product we sell into:

  • Louisiana is taxed at 5cents/ml
  • Minnesota 95% of product cost (not selling price, but my actual cost)
  • Georgia 7% of product cost (again, its of my cost, not what I sell it for).

I would like to find a system where I can manually plug in each states tax rates (yes, I will have to personally keep up with it). But have the system logic charge the taxes based on the state where the customer is located.

We are strictly B2B and will not be selling to the general public.

Most platforms out there are set up to natively and easy charge sales tax. That is, simply charging an additional set % on top of the cart total. Our tax necessity is very different from that.

Any ideas? TIA

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