Affiliate like system/commission payment setup for influencers and business partners (how?)

TL;DR I would like to set up own affiliate marketing like system (wordpress or some bootstrapped solution, link tracking solution it doesn't matter) I want to pay my business partners & influencers a commission for getting me a new client/buyer – how?
I have a simple yet complicated problem which is holding me back with my business development plan. I would like to offer my business partners some rewards or better to say a commission fee. But don't know how to do it in a simple, effective and cheap way.

My goal is to pay influencers and business partners a fee for every customer they brought to me. Any ideas how can I do this without spending a fortune?

Is there an option to create some sort of a unique code/URL link or something so I can know/track exactly which influencer brought me clients or maybe you know a plugin or software so I can implement affiliate marketing like system in my store?

Anyone with some ideas or solutions how to implement a traceable and effective system do implement revenue sharing/affiliate marketing program?

Thanks !

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