BNPL sales channels

All the info I can find on implementing a buy now pay later option (Klarna, Afterpay, sezzle, quadpay) speak about the customer experience in checking out. However, almost all of these services act like a sales channel and you can search for companies and products within the website and apps… theoretically driving sales to you. I have found zero articles, even on their support pages, about product sync or how to get featured. From manually finding stores and looking for their products using the BNPL website it doesn’t seem to be automatic. Some stores and products show up, other times they don’t.

Does anyone have experience with this. Do you have to pay to get featured? Be a top store with certain spend? How does the product sync work? FYI I am a shopify user. Also the apps offered in Shopify help with customizing the product page themes for BNPL, not with product sync.

I feel like a crazy person…

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