How Much Did Better Mockups Affect Conversions?

So I've got a bunch of stuff finally up and running, but now I'm looking at better mockups for all products. On a platform like, say, Etsy… How much did better mockups alone seem to help your conversion rates? So far (keep in mind I've used ads with a very modest $1/day budget to start), my conversions have been about 1.15% for overall views, and about 2% for actual visits, although my first sale was a number of days ago. Suppose I get another one today or tomorrow, those numbers would mathematically be higher, so I'm not working with good long-term data for now.

Anyway, once you opted for better mockups, what were your conversions like either before and after? And how did it affect conversions factoring in views per clicks per sales using ads? I know I'm really talking more about Etsy, but I guess I'm asking for any platform you're on.

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