Opening an e-store while studying at Uni.

Hey folks! It's been a long time I haven't visited Reddit, yet now I desperately need help!

To give you some background: I'm doing my Bachelor majoring in Marketing. The 2 degree of mine is Modern Business Management. Studying in another country (Spain) gave me hard time, tbh. The pandemic caught me off guard, I had no finance in reserve. I used to work as a barista in a local coffee shop. So, when the pandemic burst, I was kindly asked to take all my docs and they just made me redundant because of all cafes, coffee shops closing for the lockdown. As you know, Spain was taking after Italy and losing your home was dangerous and scary. Yet, pls remember that I was totally broke, I need to find an online job and all my days I was spending, having online lectures, which adjusting to was really tough, and searching for some positions online.

The pandemic has taught me 2 important lessons:

-always have money in the budget, always leave something against a rainy day!

-it's better to be self-employed than having a fear that one day your income may disappear all of the sudden due to some unclear circumstances or just because of your boss' will.

Thus, I was wondering if it is possible to open an e-store without any significant experience. My idea is to have my own e-store with various phone accessories and cases for really unpopular phone models. I've discovered that I need to have the Resell License, insurance, and business entities as regards necessary documents. Is it all or are there any other docs I need to prepare?

The other thing to consider is finding a good reliable supplier, I've chosen in terms of phone accessories and as the phone cases supplier (mainly because I've found there more cases for unpopular phone models than on amazon).

One more issue bothering me is dropshipping/shipping. That's the question I can't find answers to anywhere, tbh. Is it okay to send everything by some famous services(like DHL, InPost, and others)? Or if you can provide any relevant info regarding this issue, I'll be really grateful.

So, that's kinda all that bothers me…

I would appreciate every suggestion and advice. Perhaps, I may seem too ambitious and arrogant, yet I'm just striving to become financially stable and independent.

Thanks in advance for reading up to this point and good luck to everyone!

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