A warning to all against PayPal – they really, REALLY don’t care about small businesses. And when they mess up – its you who’s going to pay the price.

Hi all,

I wanted to share a really bad experience I had with PayPal so you can hopefully watch out and know what you get into if you decide to use them. Feel free to disagree, I'm sure some of you maybe had good experience with them and that's cool. I did too, before they decided to screw me over.

So basically here's the story – I opened my PayPal years ago, and Instead of my last name I wrote just the initial.

Time passed by, my account was absolutely flawless and out of hundreds of happy customers, I only had a handful of disputes, all of them ended on good terms and agreement with the buyer. One day, I passed some quota and needed to do the "confirm identity" and "confirm business address" process.

I uploaded the docs requested, and was told I'll get a reply in few days. After few days the alert disappeared so I assumed everything was ok. Then it suddenly came back – I needed to confirm the address again. In this page I had a green check mark on everything (ie identity and everything else was OK) and they just asked to send a doc that confirms my address again. I didn't get any error or email telling me why. So I uploaded again, I assumed it was a bug as their application is pretty riddled with them and every other action leads to one error page or another. I uploaded and waited. Some time passed and voilà – same deal. No error, no email, just upload again. The only place I saw it was a little red mark on my account icon when I opened the app.

I uploaded one more time, but this time, my account got blocked and I started getting emails from people who couldn't buy my product due to PayPal error. Great. So I called them.

After talking with few absolutely clueless agents who told me to upload again, finally I was told on chat that it was rejected because the name didn't match. They didn't think it was a good idea to let me know or anything, they just reverted state to needing to confirm address again, despite the fact that the issue was in the identity, not address, which I still had green check mark on.

I finally thought I got a helpful support agent at PayPal as a chat agent told me they will fix my profile information in 24 hours, in accordance to an ID I sent them pic of. Guess what happened after 24 hours? You guessed it: Nothing! Mind you all this time I start to accumulating complaint emails from customers.. I was literally bleeding money.

Then I talked with a phone agent and explained the whole thing. She apologized and promised this will all be fixed in 7 days. After I told her my store is being damaged because of this, she told me she'll ask them to handle it sooner. I waited few days and decided to call and see what's up, as by this point I had zero trust left in them. I got to a really rude phone agent who immediately started to throw at me "well you agreed to put your full name when you signed up so we are not legally obligated to fix it" with a douche lawyer attitude, and after some heated discussion he told me he'll check with the compliance department the status of the request. After few minutes he informed me that they decided to reject my request (and not tell me again, lol) because… the account name and the name on the ID I sent did not match. Brilliant. It's not like this was the whole reason for the request to begin with.

Now not only that, but he informed me, in a very rude way, that my account will be permanently terminated, that if I want I can create a new account but with a different email (as if) and that I won't be able to access my money for 180 days! Why? Because that's how long they are legally allowed to hold onto the money, according to him. I tried to genuinely understand why 180 days and if they're doing anything during this time. Will they provide a way for the rightful owner to claim the account, assuming I was a fraud? Will they conduct an investigation? Nope. Nothing. Literally nothing is going to change between today and 180 days, the money will just end up in my hands anyway. From his reply I understood they literally just hold onto the money just because and not doing anything during this time. Maybe he just didn't know or didn't want to tell me. But anyway yeah. Real nice.

So my account is blocked now and I can't access my money for 180 days, after they made me wait for weeks for no reason while I believed there was no issue. If they told me there was a problem from the start, I could have just take out the money before it was blocked, and that's really the annoying part. If they just told me from the start "look, you made a mistake when you opened the account and now its lost, please open a new one please" I would have done that and be absolutely OK with that. It's really that simple. Communication. But no, instead they let me wait like an idiot until it got blocked, got super rude on the phone, and now holding my money for 180 days for no reason.

I'm moving to Stripe and never going back to PayPal. Their attitude was just so "we are a monopoly and you're a small fish, so we don't care", their app and site is full of bugs, and their help service was completely useless.

And that was my rant. And my warning. Luckily I'm not dependent in any way on my PayPal, its just a side gig, but if it was my main income, cutting me off like that for 180 days during this time is just.. cruel and unnecessary. A lot of people losing their jobs, Corona messed up the economy, and now they decided to keep someone away from his money after they messed up? Just idiotic.

Stay safe all, and don't put all your eggs in one basket, especially one who doesn't give a damn about customers. I do hope you all have better experience with them and never meet their ugly side, but from what I read online now it seems like getting blocked without a warning is not that rare with them.

Thanks for listening and have a great day, or at least better than mine 🙂

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