After 7 months of testing, I think I’ve finally figured out the Merchant Center Misrepresentation Suspension Solution…hear me out

So I’ve been battling with this issue for awhile and it’s been super frustrating considering how lucrative of an advertising platform Google shopping is.

I built multiple test stores under separate domains and researched the Google web crawling bot and how it interacts with websites using a recording app on Shopify.

Anyways, I noticed that the problems would occur when the bot would spam click 3 specific policy links: Privacy policy, refund policy, and contact us.

I was flustered as to why this was happening so I finally decided to go study stores currently advertising on Google shopping with domains that were created within the time period in which Google started heavily suspending stores using a domain age checker.

And here’s what Ive found and thus think the solution is.

Every website that I saw advertising on Google shopping successfully wasn’t using the default policy generator that Shopify offers.

In other words, when you go under the policies section in settings and have Shopify generate a policy for you in those text boxes, this must be flagging system in Google’s systems.


My theory is that Google wants to improve its users interactions with businesses and one way to do that is to not have businesses generate random policies that they didn’t type up themselves.

So to get around this? Create pages and copy the generated policies and paste them into those pages that you create and label them accordingly.

This is one of the things I noticed when scanning different websites. When I would inspect element, I would see that the policy pages would have a “/pages” in the link url.

But when reviewing sites that users posted here on Reddit saying they were getting suspended, the links would have a “/policies” in the url, meaning they used Shopify’s policy generator.

Anyways, I’m like 99% sure this is the solution.

Unfortunately, I just figured this out after my MC account went into cool down mode, so feel free to test this out and lemme know if it works!

And just DM me if you have any questions! 🤟🏻

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