Alibaba DDP shipping scams, is it possible?

Is there any reason for a supplier to scam me after 6 months of being in contact for samples etc. I done a pre shipment inspection and all came back good, the supplier sent me pictures of the final goods ready to go loaded on a pallet.

I'm only now worried as they have provided me with this website link and a tracking number to use with it but I can't find any information at all regarding that website and which company it belongs to.

I'm located in Australia, and cannot find a thing about "scaexpress". This is far fetched but could the website and tracking info be faked?

I have asked my supplier many times now for a contact number to talk with the shipping company and they tell me sorry they don't have it. It's a gold verified supplier and nothing has seemed suspicious at all. I think I'm just being paranoid at this point.

I mean why would the supplier try to scam me now after being in contact for so long and I have proof they actually made the product?

The total cost of the shipment is $11k and I'm starting to feel uneasy that I don't even know which company is even transporting it.

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