Amazon product Research!

product hunting is the most difficult stage of Amazon PL. It becomes more difficult if you don't spend time and stay focused you will fail. There is no tool that can give you exact result to predict the success of your product. It has to be mixture of analysis and observations that tells the product demand.

There are various techniques available for hunting product , it may require time but you can get it if you are going consistently.

Explore some different ways/techniques for hunting a winning product ,

Method* # 1 This is Generic word technique. Go to Amazon and start typing anything, any letter, in search bar and see what amazon wants to autocomplete it with. This shows you what people are usually searching for, and if people are searching for it then they probably want to buy it too. You do same on MW to get idea.

Method* # 2 Minus String, we type minus sign ➖with any random words in amazon search bar e.g -asdfghjkl and amazon shows the products. This is also effective one. In this we can use sort/filter tabs to get more data. We can search in main category as well.

Method* # 3 Go to amazon/Best-Seller and look through the best sellers Category. Most of these are saturated or competitive. So go through after subcategory until you land on a promising opportunity. Find an idea from there.

# 4 Look at any product on Amazon and go through their reviews. Click on a reviewer's name and you can see every product they've ever reviewed.

# 5 The easiest and popular way is using a website/Extension (JS/H10 Black Box / egrow etc). You can basically filter through the whole catalog of amazon, by price, ranking, reviews or whatever you want but as everyone is searching the same way and finding the same products. So, try to search differently, use more then one tool with same criteria and be creative with filters.

# 6 Go through deals websites to look at what people are trying to launch. Check out jumpsend and rebatekey or just any facebook deals page. Check Instagram, pinterest and other social media sites and blogs.

# 7 Whenever you find ANY worth shortlisting product, click on the seller's store name, and look through their products. From there you can find fresh ideas to be considered.

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You can outsource this to some professional, let them handle this for you Hope it helps a bit those struggling to find winning products..

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