Changing business model towards eCommerce. Marketing advice?

Hey everyone,
Currently, I run marketing at a company that sells a ~$4500 product to an older audience. We run almost a SaaS style playbook (Run ad to Landing Page with form -> lead scoring -> Sales team calls/nurtures for ~1-3 month before purchase)

However, we are changing things. Soon, we'll be expanding our product catalogue through dropshipping and encouraging more of a no-touch / low-touch, e-commerce style buying process.

Here are the current changes I'm planning to make in the marketing world:

  1. Retargeting for every product, based on product
  2. Abandon Cart email for every product, based on product
  3. Paid Search for keywords of every product
  4. Google Shopping ads for every product
  5. SEO for every product
  6. Email marketing based on product interest
  7. Google Analytics with Goal Conversion and purchase tracking on every product

Any other e-commerce marketing changes I should be thinking about?

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