How I used My Instagram Page to promote my Shopify store

My journey with Instagram begun when I started dropshipping. I had a dropshipping store where I was selling home products. At the time I used to use Facebook ads to promote my store until I found out about influencer marketing.

I started reaching out to many influencers to promote my product on IG and after trial and error I found the perfect influencer. Before this I spent a lot of money paying influencers and I was getting no results. I found out later on that most influencers accounts were just filled with bot followers.

So I started doing my research and by this time I was able to tell the difference between fake accounts from genuine accounts. This is when I found the perfect influencer for my store.

I started seeing the results and after seeing the power of IG I decided I wanted to buy my own account.

I reached out to influencers with the genuine accounts without bots. And I was shocked by the response. 90% were not interested in selling despite any offer because that was their main source of income.

So I decided to grow my own account, I did my research and learned the most authentic way to grow your account with organic followers. Below is the list and I would say 4 is the most effective one.

  1. Post regularly between different times of the day.
  2. Don't over post
  3. Use all the features of IG. This includes reels, stories, etc.
  4. Follow accounts in the similar niche.

After applying these strategies I also developed my own follow/unfollow tool that did the rest of the work for me. 👉 Instagram Automation . By far this was the most useful strategy I found.

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