How to address this issue with demanding customer, please help

Hello all,

I am here hoping to get some insight and help on how to reply to this continuous trouble by a customer .

They ordered from our store, we send out the item, they ask for it to be cancelled, they tell and act up, I reply with politeness that the process was normal and we fulfilled orders as usual.

They ask about refund policy, I say if he still wishes to get a full refund he needs to pay for the return goods shipment because this sint a damaged good case where we take the shipping cost hit.

They then say : how much will it cost and will it be included in the refund amount, because that is the only professional way to handle it.

And now I am sitting here wondering bmwhy make a financial decision when u had many chances to close the freaking tab and make our lives easier.

Please help me answer them all while letting them know that they ordered, we fulfilled, and that we have no obligation to pay for the return, please.

I am trying my best to be there for our customers but this type really pushes my buttons, while trying to keep my calm I am at loss of words to say what nerds to be said in the most polite way a csr would do.

Please help. Thank you

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