Starting out… Any advice?

Hey all!

This pandemic has made me passionate for financial freedom and after learning & getting into stock investments, some cryptocurrency, etc., I have been recently debating wether or not I should do e-commerce.

I have VERY temporarily tried it when I was really young and super clueless of Shopify. The biggest reasons why I didn’t continue was because of how little I knew about having a successful e-commerce store and being way too broke, at the time, to pay the 29$ monthly payment, after my 2 week free trial.

I have stumbled upon a credible site that creates & sells ready-made unique shopify sites of different categories to encourage people to start e-commerce. It got me interested again but I have some concerns/questions.

I want to know what I should make myself know more about. Is it hard to bring traffic through advertisements? What social media is best to advertise e-commerce stores? I assume you have to increase your advertising spending the larger you become? What channels/videos should I watch before starting? What advice would you give me before putting any money into this industry?

If this helps to giving me advice: I currently have the small goal to hit 2500$ profit per month. For now, I’m aiming to make enough to leave my job. Afterwards, when I’m more experienced, I’ll aim for 5 figures, then hopefully 6 figures.


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