Asking for Feedback on Sock Shopify Store!

Hi everyone! I'd love feedback on the site and the data below. This is all based off last 90 days. I truly appreciate any insights. My goal is to become one of the leading sock brands in the industry. This is not drop shipping. We do all of our shipping and handling to customers.

Data is based off last 90 days

Average Daily Traffic: 20 visitors

Average Session Duration: 1 Min 41 sec

Bounce Rate: 57.88% (has been decreasing, was at 65%)

Conversion Rate: 2.05%

Average Order Value: $69.54

Returning Customer Rate: 12.2%

Online Store Sessions: 1,801

Duration between repeat purchases: Unknown

Gross Sales: $3,239.08

Discounts: $436.51

Total Sales: $2,851

COGS: $380

Gross Profit: $755

Store Speed: 20

Additional info:

Paypal Payments $756

Shopify Payments $2094

Net sales $2,802.57

Net sales without cost recorded $1,667.58

Net sales with cost recorded $1,134.99

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