Shipping and Fulfillment for Vintage Online Consignment and Resale

Hello everyone, I'm not sure if what I'm looking for exists, but I am totally overwhelmed with shipping. The only thing I'm not overwhelmed with is furniture sales because that is taken care of by my freight provider. I know which boxes i need, which ones to use, which shipping company to use. but I lack the manpower to run an e-commerce biz and get all my shipments out in time. Not to mention the impact that covid has had on shipments but that's another story.

I am really wanting to outsource my shipping, but bc I sell vintage, I sell one of every item. Some days I spend 6 hours doing packages. I have tried to hire a helper (with good pay, seriously). But it's still a pain bc some items are in my warehouse some are at my home and I still have to do the labels etc. If anyone has successfully figured this out or is in the same boat as me I'd love to hear your thoughts about a solution. Thanks!

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