How long can/should I make customers wait for a preordered item?

Pennsylvania, USA

So I have a product that I’m only able to make a certain amount of each day, myself. Once opened, the goal is to outsource the production eventually but I don’t have the money for that quite yet. However I am confident I will have the demand.

Anyway, I was recently looking at a website that stated “due to high demand, preorders may take up to 6-8 weeks to ship out”. To me it that is a bit of a lengthy wait, I was under the impression that if you make customers wait too long (say 4 months) that the sale actually becomes illegal because you didn’t provide the paid-for product in enough time.

I personally would use the preorder income to outsource the production to a bigger factory. I would have to provide a set number of preorders to avoid not being able to come up with enough inventory in time. What would be the maximum length of time to make customers wait for their preordered items before it starts become illegal and what are the dangers of this?


side note: I’ve heard that you should not make them wait more than 2 months or else they tend to forget about what they purchased

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