Multiple shops under one account?

Hi all,

I'm thinking of starting several distinct online shops but I would rather not pay $12 a month for each and every one of them. Are there any adequate ecommerce hosts out there who are either free or have a per-transaction fee, or which allow me to pay one monthly fee for multiple shops?

I understand Shopify does not allow this but a service similar to it is the solution I am looking for – a hosted, customizable store that isn't extremely complicated to set up and that can be used with custom domains. I know you could pay for a web host, run WordPress and use a free store set up as many times as you want on it, but that sounds like it would be above my level of technical expertise.

I found a site that sounds ideal on paper, Shift4shop (free stores with a lot of appealing features, supported by transaction fees) but reviews unfortunately mention declining customer service and ignored messages.

Does anyone have any better ideas? Thanks.

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