For those with a physical store: how do you also manage your online storefront?

I'm working with a friend that has multiple physical, retail stores and an ecommerce storefront.

He has had someone manage the online business bc it was smaller than the physical retail sales. However covid changed that, and his online sales became a larger portion of his revenue. He is finally looking to optimize his online presence and that is what I'm helping him do.

It occurred to me that there are many online stores that face a similar predicament – owners that know how to manage physical retail but have no experience with online sales & marketing. They are too small to hire a full time team but big enough to pay someone/company to help out.

How are other business owners with physical stores managing their online storefront?

It seems like there are a few options with different costs:

  • Hire an ecommerce manager full time or part time
  • Contract with an agency
  • Contact with a marketing contractor / jack of all trades type
  • Contract with specialized people for the different channels (email, SEO, SEM, etc).
  • Other?

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